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Warehouse and Distribution

Warehouses are the consolidation and sorting points of the supply chain. Warehouse operators arrange distribution of the imported cargo to its intended destination, as per the customer’s specified delivery date and time.

Warehouse and Inventory management is an absolute requirement to ensure that your products are always in proximity and ready for supplying to the markets you serve. Temperature-controlled or refrigerated warehouses are used to store items such as high-end electronics, pharmaceuticals, certain types of chemicals, foodstuffs and other perishable cargo. IAL warehouses use the latest material tracking and handling technologies such as RFID (radio frequency identification, WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) and MIS reporting (Free-Inventory control and stock reports).

Over the years, IAL has developed extensive warehousing and distribution centers across the UAE and India. We maintain clean and secure storage space customized to meet requirements of customers in any industry.We provide both long term and short term warehousing facility in any part of the world and we can arrange distribution from the points of dispatch to deliver.

  • Activities:   
    • Stuff and De-stuff containers
    • Cross Stuffing
    • Export Stuffing
    • Sort and Segregate goods
    • Label and Palletize goods
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