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Air Freight

Air cargo is transported either by passenger or freighter aircrafts – depending on volume and size. Freighter aircrafts transport huge volume or oversized cargo over long distances. Due to an aircraft’s cargo weight limitations, Airfreight is charged using a unit known as ‘Chargeable Weight’. 

Some Cargo Airlines are divisions or subsidiaries of larger passenger airlines, and use certain major airports as hubs for the transhipment of cargo to airports worldwide.
At IAL, our inbound and outbound Value-Added Services include:

  • Activities:
    • Air Freight Forwarding
    • Aircraft Chartering
    • Sea-Air shipments
    • Air consolidation and Deconsolidation services
    • Worldwide pick-up and delivery
    • Customs Clearance
    • Warehousing and Distribution

We also specialise in the handling of oil-field supplies as well as Exhibition, Museum or art gallery goods.

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